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Poem of the Day

Christs bloody sweate

Saint Robert Southwell

       Fatt soyle,   full springe,   sweete olive,   grape of blisse
    That yeldes,   that streames,   that powres,   that dost distil
    Untild,   undrawne,   unstampde,   untouchd of presse
    Deare fruit,   cleare brooks,   fayre oyle,   sweete wine at will
    Thus Christ unforc'd preventes in shedding bloode
    The whippes the thornes the nailes the speare and roode.
    He Pelicans he Phenix fate doth prove
    Whome flames consume whom streames enforce to die
    How burneth bloud howe bleedeth burning love

    Can one in flame and streame both bathe and frye
    How coulde he joyne a Phenix fyerye paynes
    In faynting pelicans still bleeding vaynes
    Elias once to prove gods soveraigne powre
    By praire procur'd a fier of wondrous force

    That blood and wood and water did devoure
    Yea stones and dust beyonde all natures course
    Such fire is love that fedd with gory bloode
    Doth burne no lesse then in the dryest woode

    O sacred Fire come shewe thy force on me
    That sacrifice to Christe I maye retorne
    If withered wood for fuell fittest bee
    If stones and dust yf fleshe and blood will burne
    I withered am and stonye to all good.
    A sacke of dust a masse of fleshe and bloode
Taken from 'The Collected Poems of S. Robert Southwell'...
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